Issues with installing on windows visual c++ 2010


Here the issues I’ve encountered upon following the instructions provided in this wiki page:

  • FuzzyLite Error at compiling - Must set option: “Do not use precompiled headers”

  • Command line option needed: -Zm217

"c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 10.0\vc\include\xmemory(212): error C3859: virtual memory range for PCH exceeded; please recompile with a command line option of '-Zm217' or greater"
  • VCMI_global - not existing (anymore?)

And tons of warnings, maybe this list helps someone when trying to custom ignore them: 4251 ; 4018 ; 4800 ; 4244

Bellow warning description for who’s interested.

4251: 'CCreatureHandler::creatures' : class 'std::vector<_Ty>' needs to have dll-interface to be used by clients of class 'CCreatureHandler'
1>          with
1>              _Ty=ConstTransitivePtr<CCreature>
1>          ]

4018: '<' : signed/unsigned mismatch

4800: 'int' : forcing value to bool 'true' or 'false' (performance warning)


PS. Update.

  • Running VCMI in a build place - Missing files
"Error: Failed to find file zvs/Lib1.res/_AT0=.bmp" etc.... etc.... 

Copied the missing files from WoG and warnings were gone from console. Maybe update the install doc?