Is there a list of the "id" : numbers for building

Hi i’ve been working on some towns and have been wondering if there is a list somewhere that could tell me what each id corresponds to. I’ve tried googling it but have come up with nothing. Basically “id” : 17 should be artifact merchant right? Because putting that on something and then building it is not working like a merchant when i click on it all i get is a popup with the picture of the building instead of the trading window. I’d also like to know which id gives temporary and permanent bonuses to visiting heroes. Unless i’m doing this all wrong and the id has no control over what a building does?

			"special1" : 
				"description" : "Artifact Merchant sells artifacts to visiting heroes.",
				"name" : "Artifact Merchant",
				"cost" : 
					"gold" : 1000
				"requires" :  "marketplace" ],
				"id" : 17

that should be a working artifact merchant right?

Thank you for your time and sorry if i’m asking dumb questions im just stumped.

In mods special buildings 17, 21-29 don’t work.
You have to wait until LUA script language is implemented.
Add them with correct text, and wait for LUA.

There are no plans for Lua…

But yes, special buildings are not supported in mods.

Then what script language will be used?

Ok no problem, guess we wait hehe.

I still have plans for LUA :wink:

Python, ERM.