Is Rampart's Treasury implemented?

What I wonder about should it (and other bonus buildings) work already in 0.97 or not yet?

I’m tried to find it on bug tracker, wiki and looked at code a bit and can’t find the answer. It’s looks like it’s marked as bonus building in code, but can’t find if there code that should handle increasing of gold.

Thanks for your attention. :slight_smile:

It’s been there for years and it’s pretty easy to find via search.

CGameHandler::NewTurn() :

				if (t->hasBuilt(BuildingID::TREASURY, ETownType::RAMPART) && player < PlayerColor::PLAYER_LIMIT)
						n.res[player][Res::GOLD] +=; //give 10% of starting gold

Oops. I should be checked “CGameHandler.cpp” more carefully. Sorry. :blush:
Now I’m can try to find out why it’s not working properly and report it.

Thank you.