Is AI "working" (SOME challenge?) on 0.97?

I have played a few maps (mostly as part of campaign) on 0.97 and not on a single map has there been ANY resistance from the AI.

Is AI working (in the way of at least providing SOME resistance) with 0.97?
Is there some setting(s) to make it hard(er)? I checked with vcmilauncer and “Player AI” is set to VCAI and “Neutral AI” is set to BattleAI.

Can someone suggest a map (or campaign) that they have played with an AI that worked?

When I say that AI is “not working” this is a few of the things that I’m thinking of:

  • AI has NEVER (ever) attacked me.

  • AI does not defend towns at all. Does not put heroes in them and when I take over a town it’s full with creatures that has not been deployed.

  • AI does not “protect” weak heroes in any way. It can move them right next to one of (mine) strong heroes and end turn.

  • In general AI heroes seem to “move around without a goal”, not claiming mines or taking chests etc. that are just next to them.

I have read the forums and found someone claiming similar things, but have not found much more info on what one should expect from AI.

In general AI is not finished and not supposed to pose any challenge at this point.

Well, it does not. Linuxrocks123 is working on it.

Turn AI trace on and you will know their goals :stuck_out_tongue:

You can use startres.json to give AI a lot of resources. Then it will build and buy troops. But AI is still very passive right now. I think it’s because it dont’ have all map revealed. I played XL+U map to the end. AI (my ally) started acting more active only when I revealed all map.

Aha… thanks for the clarification! Would be really cool to help out but my time (and knowledge) is just to limited! Will try to follow the work and try to play again later.
Is best way to monitor work/progress to check out what’s going on in the AI/VCAI directory on github?


I’ve installed VCMI 0.97 from saven-ivan’s PPA on Ubuntu 14.04LTS. Game data is from HoMM3 Complete.

I started playing RoE and had only one crash after completing almost the entire map, which was great. I understand it’s under development, so a few crashes are expected. Everything seems super-awesome!

However, I then came in contact with enemy heroes and noticed they weren’t doing anything. I mean, absolutely nothing. Heroes aren’t moving, no upgrading of towns… Nothing. That was kind of a bummer. I understood that enemy heroes aren’t supposed to be challenging yet, but it should do something?

AI is completely broken in 0.97.