IRC Channel

Hey, as there seems to be no IRC channel for VCMI so far and I strongly prefer it to forums when discussing an open-source project (much quicker replies etc.), I set up one:

#vcmi on

So far, I’m the only lurker there, but let’s hope that changes :slight_smile:

Oh, and if you feel you need op-access to the channel (e.g. you are an VCMI Dev), shoot me a message! =)

Ok, i’m on it :slight_smile:

Is this official? And: Where are the people? :smiley:

You have to publish the channel in your navigation panel on this site. Maybe ask the devs to go there for discussion too? That will bring live to the channel…

That’s an idea, we need better communication channels. However, some activity on the board would be welcome too :wink:

It’s not official. I’m afraid of splitting our community activity between too many places, especially since it’s quite quiet here already. *

I also doubt if IRC is really useful for us. AFAIK logs are not stored, so all the help and information given there won’t be available for future generations to google. Forum messages are much more persistent, readable and accessible.

But if anyone likes the idea, feel free to use the channel above, I just won’t make an “official” one now.*