Interface overhaul discussion

Lets start a discussion about possible interface changes in this topic. (If there is already one I failed to find it)

As most would agree our beloved HoMM 3 interface by now is a bit dated (and to be honest was never a strong point of the game to begin with) and “scales” badly with different resolutions.

I would like to inquire if there is a need and/or will coming from the community to do something about it. Im asking because all the while I can “design” and draw the interface myself Im unable to implement it since my knowledge of coding/VCMI is not sufficient.
Ill list my questions to make it easier.
1.** I need to know if there is somewhat approachable way to “script” interface changes (like scaling depending on resolution/new elements/creating new frames/moving existing elements/procedural generation from tiles/hue manipulation/maybe even vector graphic etc.) and then implement it as a mod that dont require massive knowledge about the project structure/programming .

**2. **If answer to question 1. is “no” then are there plans to/people who could implement such feature if they would receive my support/other solution .

3. Do you have any ideas/wishes for interface changes ?

I know project team is busy with solving real problems Im just asking not demanding. I can already swap interface graphic but it isnt what I mainly want to do (Will probably do it anyway at some point to support the FOSS initiative but I think ability to rearrange some UI elements would help with that too).

Ill leave a quick draft of possible ui change. I just moved some stuff around without adding any frills to it since I dont really know what can be done with the current ui without massive amounts of coding.

UI Schematic
This image shows basic concept of how game frames could be divided and basic modules which could be swapped and rearranged between them. #1 frame would obviously be for Adventure Map. Modules in #2 frame would scale horizontally while those in frame #3 vertically depending on resolution and available space. #Optional frame could contain the Infor Bar unless it would be placed elsewhere.

Sample 800x480
How could it look for 800x480 resolution I know some people were asking about it for their phones.

Sample 800x600
800x600 version

Sample 1920x1080
In 1920x1080 I changed module order a bit.

There’s two mods that change some part of interface look: Hi-res menu (available from launcher) and New-style Inferface: … 1.0%20.rar

Explore its content, open json files and try to figure out what particular command does. Some json files under VCMI/config directory can also be usefull (like for example resolutions.json)