Interesting programs and mods for WoG/SoD

I want to show you these two programs cause I would like its functionality to be implemented in VCMI
Source subject:H3 SoD - HMM3_Lighter and H3Record
First program
is really simple and works in background.
F10 - swapping the units between two heroes
F11 - swapping arts between two heroes (but not from stash)
It was tested on H3 Complete and Gold Edition.

Second program:
is much more complicated. The biggest problem theres is only Chinese language.
This program saves replays. Short info:
F9 - start recording
F11 - load recorded game
F12 - stop recording
X - swapping units works in meeting window
Z - splitting units: single unit for every free slot (works with splitting window).
Some more details:

If you will have any problems with this program, just ask I will try to answer.

I hope it will be possible to make similar solution for replays in VCMI. Created folder for saved replays has not much bigger size than normal saves.

The possibility to swap units & artifacts is indeed interesting. Recording as well, though maybe not as easy to implement. But both are good suggestions to keep in mind. Thx. :wink:

Next very interesting project which I would like to be noticed for this community is Heroes 3 HD - HoMM3 High Resolution Project
It is possible to discuss it on Russian forum or HC
Some interesting solutions - see screenshots.

All nice ideas to keep in mind. It always makes me happy to see talented people using their creativity like this to help keeping this great game alive. :slight_smile:

I tried this out on the GOG version of HOMMIII complete and it works great (with the GOG patch)! I love the extra viewing area! thanks so much for the link.

Updated HC link for Heroes HD project

HC Thread: HD mod. Play in high resolutions

yeah HD mod is really great. You can shift, alt or ctrl click the unit stack and split it half or select just one unit. It always make sure that it always remains one unit, usually the fastest when you transfer all the troops from one hero to another so lots of guys playing heroes 3 online on Game Ranger are using it.