Intallation of WOG

As much as I want to try out this mod, I’m unable to install it. Can anyone provide me a detailed instruction guide as how to install it? Thank you

… and what is the error you’ve encountered? If it’s something like corrupted file right after downloading via Launcher, you can still manage to manually download the mod from repository (should be this one) and place it in the mods directory (to open that dir, open Launcher and there should be proper button).
If it’s something else could you please describe it here?

Well it works now, but the new towns aren’t appearing. Am I missing any other files or doing something wrong?

  1. What did you do?
  2. What do you expect to happen?
  3. What actually happened?

I’ve installed all the proper mod files & I’ve got it to work most of the time, save for the occasional crash. The Forge & Bastion towns aren’t showing, but the Cove is. Also, is there an English language version or translation available?

I’m not sure if both towns are compatible with recent release…

If you’re asking about WoG translation, check if it’s submod named ‘WoG russian translation’ is disabled.

I have Russian translation turned off, yet it’s still in Russian.

Yep I can’t see the english version of Wog either.

I encountered this mod by accident just recently.

However I am not good at computers and usually just click and install on all my games and was hoping I could get a step by step how to install WoG.

I tried to read, but now my head hurts as there is so much things I have no clue about.

Hopefully someone could help me. ^^

Installation of WoG for VCMI IS one-step process.

If you ask more specific questions, we will be able to give more precise answers.

well I downloaded the WoG file from this site, but there is no install launcher there… should I just copy all the folders into my heroes folder?

it was a link from this site, maybe not from this site… ^^


anyway I am confused what you mean with

  1. Download latest Vcmi.
  2. Unpack archive into your heroes3 installation folder (SoD or Complete)
  3. From your game installation folder run vcmi_launcher.exe
  4. Enable/Download WoG mod in it.
  5. run the game either from launcher or through vcmi_client.exe

I found a allinone install and it works, but it is version 3,58f what is the latest version?

There is lots of cool things and some not so, but in general I like this mod so far.

Are you using WoG or Vcmi ?

Installing WoG on Heroes or on Vcmi ?

I really do wonder if your questions are Vcmi related at all …

This is VCMI forum. We do support only mods downloaded from our board.

All irrelevant threads by lost travellers will be closed.

both WoG and VCMI, as they seem linked. Is VCMI the launcher? or a mod tool?

Don’t be upset that I am new to this stuff, I just ask because I would like to try out mods for homm3.

If this is not the correct forum, then I apologize.

VCMI is an engine. WoG is an expansion.

Original WoG is obsolete - now it’s only a mod for VCMI or ERA. WoG for VCMI and WoG for ERA are different versions. VCMI and ERA are completely incompatible and are different platforms.

dont be upset or angry that I want to try something new…