Installing VCMI on Linux

Hello guys, nice project! I want to try out VCMI & decided to install it on Linux. As I understand, HOMM3 SoD (or Complete Edition), WoG are reqiered. So, tell me please, would it be correct installation, if I install package vcmi-svn from ArchLinux AUR, copy HOMM3 files respectively to:

config -> /usr/share/vcmi/config/
Data -> /usr/share/vcmi/Data/
Maps -> /usr/share/vcmi/Maps/
Mp3 -> /usr/share/vcmi/Mp3/

& Wog files respectively to


& VCMI files to



Is it necessery to have full HOMM3 installation under wine or not?

Yes. Note that config directory and some files in Mods directory must be installed from the same source as binary (and not copied from older install). From what I can see AUR package should handle this correctly.

Check this page (if you haven’t already) … n_on_Linux

VCMI needs full set of H3 + WoG data files.
Any other content (like binaries or manuals) is not used and can be removed (if you want to).

Explain please.

Format of files in config directory changes over time. Using config files from 0.89 release with binaries from 0.90 won’t work.

When using builds from svn (as AUR does) format of one of config files can change anytime. So if config files and binaries come from different revisions vcmi may not work correctly.

So do I have to remove config files from /usr/share/vcmi/config/ before updating vcmi package?

Yes, also remove old Mods folder if you have anything older than 0.91.
There were significant changes in mod / filesystem and the game may just read the files that are no more compatible.

If updated will overwrite original files - not necessary. You may end up with few unused files but this won’t have any effect on game.

Debian and RPM packages handle this by removing old version first. Don’t know how Arch works in this case.

Installed successfuly, added Caven & Artifacts mods. Game starts, mods found. Started singleplayer game, but hero can`t move - he has move points, but the route arrows are brown.

^Noticed the same. This is probably related to recent changes with campaign heroes, but doesn’t work with random heroes. I’m hoping for a quick fix!

I don’t see any problem with hero movement. Maybe I fixed it accidentally?

I compiled VCMI yesterday from svn trunk. Now compiling fresh revision 3170, hope it is fixed :stuck_out_tongue:

Will gog version not suffice?

It will. Any Shadow of Death version will work (including Complete). Check this page if you haven’t already: … n_on_Linux

Sure have :). Just making sure.

Quite period at my work. I wanna make this spare time side project(port to android). If it amounts to anything I’ll let you guys know :).