Installing modes - help

From wiki I see a lot of available mods - exactly 171 :
It is also stated that “From 0.94 it is possible to download and install mods via VCMI launcher. This is preferred method to install mods.”. However, on Launcher I see only limited number of mods - exacly 20 - probably from this repo link:

I would like to be able to install all those mods using Client - without a need to manually install them.
I assume those 20 are the most stable and I understand that, but still. Others should also have the possibility to be installed conveniently using UI - maybe with some stability indication eg. text / icon.

Maybe in section settings/repository I need to add a link to repo with those 171 mods - if so, please share a link with me and make it more clear in wiki.

On contrary :slight_smile: In launcher now there’s old and bugged mod repository and vcmi team doesn’t have access to ftp server. So, mods at launcher list are mostly outdated (especially WoG). Most latest and stables mods are at wiki list, because everyone can edit wiki, so mods authors can easily put updated links.
There were some planes to create new mod repository system:

but I guess, because lack of time, work on it is stopped.

@misiokles thanks for quick reply.

Frankly speaking, I love the idea of this mods repositories and highly appreciate a progress in this field. But if application uses outdated link as a default it is awful and not user friendly.

So there are no other repos with new mods so that I can use a link like ’ '? So you suggest manual installation for the time being?

Yes, I strongly suggest you manual instalation untill new mod repository will be ready…