Installation on Linux Mint


im trying to install heroes3 on laptop with Linux Mint 19.1 Cinnamon.
I ran VCMI building commands and it went well, then i loaded first cd:
vcmibuilder --cd1 /media/ondrej/HEROES3/

that went well too

then second one: (changed the discs in cd-rom from “disc 1- installation” to “disc 2- game disc”)
vcmibuilder --cd2 /media/ondrej/H3_disk2/

got response: cp: cannot create regular file ‘/home/ondrej/.local/share/vcmi/Data/Heroes3.vid’: Permission denied

tried: sudo vcmibuilder --cd2 /media/ondrej/H3_disk2/
typed the password
got: sudo: vcmibuilder: command not found

also tried the same thing as root, but it didnt help.

I own Playman exclusive Heroes III complete cd roms from Ubisoft. Also im new to linux, so take that in mind please :smiley:

Thanks a lot to everybody, i would love to play Heroes 3 on my linux laptop.