Installation/AI question

I have VCMI successfully installed on my S4 running Android 4.2, very few crashes and extremely solid port. I’m amazed with the project you guys have created. I haven’t played H3 in over a decade when I discovered this and so I’m a total noob to WOG and how I need to install it to work with VCMI. Do I need to put the WOG files in the Mods file under VCMI or do they need to go elswhere?
Also just a strange question, I understand the project is still very early in development but is there a reason the AI never seems to attack? I keep moving the difficulty up and trying different scenario maps but the AI just seems to spam heroes with a handful of creatures in them never really making a challenge. I’m at 160% now playing SOD maps.

Impossible to tell without in-depth testing.

However, AI is incomplete and had some major bug in last release.