Install VCMI on Ubuntu 14.04

Hello I have tried to install the package using the APT GET command but it says it cannot find the package. I assume it is because the version for 14.04 isn’t readw yet. Is there a workaround ?


It is possible to use at least daily-builds from . However these may not be so stable.

Hi. It seems that I again forgot about new Ubuntu release. I’ve uploaded package for trusty on launchpad so if nothing goes wrong packages will be built in ~1 hour.

Thanks a lot, I will try these when it’s ready then.

Much appreciated

to Arnaud or whoever else uses Ubuntu 14.04 aka trusty:

Can somebody confirm that VCMI works on trusty? I found bug in one library that may cause crash on start in VCMI. Do I need to add a workaround for it or everything looks to be OK? (just checking whether VCMI starts here would be enough)

Works ok here with Ubuntu 14.04 x86_64 and vcmi r. 3578