Install on Ubuntu 20.04

Hey guys, I really want to test this, but the PPA only seems to work with 18.04.

Is there any chance I can get this to work on my 20.04 machine?

Thanks in advance.

i had the same problem. So i built it myself. There should be documentation about this somewhere on the vcmi site, but i don’t remember the url. But it was not that hard to find :slight_smile:

Works quite well here. Not bug-free, but quite well.

Found it:

Hi Siegfried, thanks for your reply. I don’t really feel like bloating my system with all the build tools. Can I remove them after building or do they need to stay on my machine?

Yes, if you were to build the package yourself, you can remove the build dependecies after and still run vcmi.
If you build with dpkg-buildpackage you get a .deb file which makes it easier to manage dependencies, and you can save that for later, too.