Inferno city: unable to build Hellhounds after Cages

In my Inferno city I built cages and now I have a strange situation:
-In the town-view in place of the Kennels I now have the Cages and a click only tells me the bonus.
-The Fort still tells me I am able to produce Hellhounds
-In the City Hall interface the Cages are NOT built but are not buildable anymore because “Requires: Cages” ???

It looks that last point comes from typo in Inferno description. Fixed. But it should not have any effect on gameplay.

Fixing this one is a bit harder. Will try to do something…

Actually, any creature that has a horde building can’t be recruited normally (only from the castle screen and only then the most upgraded version) once you’ve built the horde building. It just shows the horde building’s description instead of integrating with the base or upgraded dwelling.

I think, it can be fixed easily - check that building is a horde, and call dwelling window instead of horde window

Good idea! :slight_smile: But it would have to check if it’s the base or upgraded dwelling as well. =)