Importing Chronicles as new default campaigns?

I’m a bit sad than even the ‘complete’ edition doesn’t include these into a single exe for the massive single game it really is. If this could be done (heck even for new campaigns, but most especially for nwc ones, like the 8 in chronicles) it would be really nice.

I heard the engine was supposed to be almost identical too.

BTW; i’d request that the main intro of each campaigns be played as a (interruptable of course) movie on selection of the campaign button before the sub-part appears. As it is now, even the gog edition intro for the original Erathia only plays at the start without being interruptible once, which i guess is better than doing it all the time without being able to do anything else.

Maybe a button for ‘skip intros’ on a menu somewhere, or even showing the intro as a hotspot on the campaign selection menu (where the small campaign intros are).

AFAIK, the chronicles campaigns will be implemented in the future.

Even now, you could play it. I think that WoG has them implemented. They don’t have the talking parts of campaign level intros and the first intro, but that’s the only thing that’s missing, which will probably be implemented in VCMI.

There will probably be discussions about how it will precisely look like, when there will be possibilities for that. The campaigns aren’t fully implemented in VCMI yet, so until that is done, not even playing a chronicles campaign would be possible.