IMPORTANT -- Github migration, contributors data

To all developers:

We’re migrating to Github. When converting SVN repository to Git, I need to assign to every contributor a name and e-mail.
Please send me PMs with:

  1. The name you want to use with Git
    It can be your name and surname or github accoutn name. If you have already set up Git, you can check the config to see what name is used:
git config -l | grep
  1. The e-mail address — it should be the same as the e-mail address you used to register on Github. [Because, from what I have read, Github uses e-mail to attribute commits to your accounts.]

The exact timeline for migration will be announced later. Basically, I hope for it to occur within a week or two.
First, we’ll freeze the SVN, then we’ll convert it, upload to Github, see if it’s all right and then unfreeze.
The old SVN mirror repository will be removed.