Ideas for 2340x1080 resolution?

Hi there,
I managed to get the essential files mod downloaded and running on my android phone and the 1920x1080 resolution works (although I had to scale down to 1024x600 to be able to effectively play the game as everything was way too small with 1920x1080).
The only problem is I am using Redmi Note 7 which is not a bad phone, but its native resolution is the completely wacky 2340x1080.
Wondering if its possible to configure VCMI for android to run this wacky aspect ratio or force VCMI to display black vertical bands on both sides of the screen in case the provided resolutions do not fill the screen completely? Currently VCMI seems to duplicate parts of the graphics on both sides of the screen when I run 16:9 on a wider aspect ratio display which are glitching (flickering all the time) which is a bit distracting.
Thanks for all your hard work done so far!

Technically is possible to get such resolution. There’s even exist 4K res (Macron1 topic for different stuff). You must look info json file to figure out how those things work and probably make some additional tiny graphics.