I'd like to post some bugs/glitches here (VCMI 0.99)

Hello, I’m new on the forum, though I’m playing Heroes on VCMI engine from time to time. This time, when I was playing with my girlfriend with HoTa, Bastion and Forge castles installed, I’ve encountered some issues (I’m playing VCMI 0.99 from vcmi ppa on Ubuntu 16.04):

  • Town Portal spell didn’t work, when I tried to cast it to the allied town (Town Portal to one of my castles worked fine)
  • flags in front of towns have ugly outlines (seen on one of screenshots)
  • if the hero was in the town’s garrison and he walks off it, there is a copy of that hero in front of town (seen on one of screenshots)
  • AI trains many heroes with little to no troops and sends all of them to the same spot, no matter if there is any enemy hero or if it’s safe
  • Generals (like in WoG) are very weak and leveling them up doesn’t help them much

If it’s possible, please answer me if these problems were reported earlier and if I can help somehow, if you need any more details.

Bugtracker :exclamation:

Yeah, VCMI has some kind of problems with H3 colours palette. Buildings especially on snow look uglier.

Try Resourceful AI mod forum.vcmi.eu/download.php?id=959
This mod improves AI a bit. But now AI is the weakness point in VCMI mechanics.

I’ve noticed the same problem. It seems that commanders’ damage leveling is buggy somehow. Replace attached commander.json file and replace it under VCMI/config folder. This partially helps.
commanders.json (1.78 KB)