I cant install VCMI extras

I have an original and updated Windows 10 on my PC.
I have installed VCMI 1.2.1 or befor a week the 1.2.0 version.
I have installed a HoMM 3 GoG version to my PC.
I copied the Mp3, Maps and Data folders to c:\Users\serko\Documents\My Games\vcmi
The VCMI starts correctly, everything looks OK, but I cant install any mods.
I try install VCMI extras. The green tick does not appear in the VCMI program.
The c:\Users\serko\Documents\My Games\vcmi\Mods\vcmi-extras-vcmi-1.2\ folder contains some files, but not working. I cant change the resolution of the game.
The Game works well in 800x800 resolution also.
I have a Norton Antivirus on my PC. Could this be the cause of the problem?
Among the scan folders of Norton Antivirus, I have placed the folders “c:\Users\serko\Documents\My Games\vcmi” and “c:\Program Files\VCMI” as exceptions. However, it does not work.
Any idea what I am doing wrong?
Surely others are using antivirus software along with VCMI.
Here are my log files, if it helps.

have you tried changing resolution in the launcher?

if Extras don’t install, after attempting to install them close the launcher and upload VCMI_Launcher_log.txt

Yes, have tryed to change the resolution. It is aviable only the 800x800.

I tryed again to download VCMI extras. After closing VCMI, here is the VCMI_luncher_log.txt:

  1. Delete entire c:\Users\serko\Documents\My Games\vcmi folder.
  2. Create folder outside Documents directory (for example D:\Games\VCMI) or where you have installed other games.
  3. Copy Mp3, Maps and Data folders into this directory
  4. Install VCMI 1.2.1 into this folder too.
    (folders in c:\Users\serko\Documents\My Games\vcmi will be created automatically)
  5. Download and install vcmi-extras by launcher (you don’t need to install them manually)
  6. Change resolution, and launch the game.

I did as you suggested. With the addition that I had to add the VCMI_launcher.exe file to the exceptions in the Privacy settings in Norton Antivirus.

Thanks for your help!

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