I can open the game

Hi, I found this page looking for new thing for homm III and i want see how is it.
I downloaded the file and I’ve extracted the package into my main Heroes folder, but when i try to open VCMI_client.exe it says:
Loading .lod files: 132
Invalid string position
Disaster happenned.
Reason 0xe06d7363 - UKNOWN EXCEPTION at 001b:772EFABAE
Tread ID: 1504 [5380]
Crash info will be put in VCM_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp

Please, How I can fix it??

Sorry for my english, but i’m from spain :slight_smile:

Do you have resorces from WoG instaled in your heroes directory?
text data files from heroes with WoG are diffrent and generally longer
in example WoG has more monsters to use so Monster Lists are longer
this version of VCMI can’t work without WoG resources,
also VCMI has some own textfiles which are set to fit Heroes with WoG,
so even if it would work with diffrent datasets it still would have something to change

If you don’t have WoG - install it. VCMI don’t use WoG executables however use WoG resources. If it isn’t the case, you have been stated:

so put the file on the forum or on the bugtracker to help DEVs, because they can extract from it the info what makes the “Disaster”

yes yes, i have WOG (but i don’t know the exactly version).
when i extracted the VCMI in the folder, some files were rewritten, when I open WoG.exe it works perfectly, but when I open VCMI_client.exe i can see the video of the beginning, but it crash before to show me the menu.

If your WoG is earlier than 3.58f then it’s probably the case (many things differs between WoG versions and in nearly any versions monsters were added)

also do you extract VCMI PROPERLY? so VCMI_client.exe is in the same directory as
H3wog.exe and heroes3.exe, and you unpacked whole archive - not only a few files.
almost any file is needed to work, so you may assume that anything in is needed

also do you have vista/7 AND UAC on AND heroes installed in default directory?
UAC is essential for security but makes some problems so you should install games outside program files (it issues only with vista and windows7)

have you installed any WoG mods outside of the core? also what is the localiztion of your heroes? (VCMI works sure on english but other may cause additional bugs happen although generally they work)

post the dmp file created by VCMI, so Tow can check what happened inside your install of VCMI