How works VCMI 0.98?

hello, first i’m italian and just for this i will write in italian, use the translator to understand what i want to say:

Allora, ho scaricato la VCMI versione 0.98, non ho capito se è una mod o è un vero e proprio gioco di Heroes of Might and Magic 3 completamente modificato da voi, ho provato ad avviare il gioco dal VCMI Client ma non fa nulla, stessa cosa dal launcher. Cosa devo fare per farlo funzionare? Spiegatevi bene altrimenti non capisco.

“So, I downloaded the Vcmi version 0.98, I did not understand if it’s a mod or is it a real game of Heroes of Might and Magic 3 completely modified by you, I tried to start the game from Vcmi Client but does nothing, same what the launcher. What should I do to make it work? Explain well otherwise I do not understand”

No thanks needed, you just can use google translate, and we could understand you.

VCMI is open-source new implementation of HMM3. It needs data files from HMM3 to work by now.

I’ve the original game HMM3 in ITA, what i’ve to do?

I’ve copied all the file in the 3DO directory and drop in the VCMI directory, now when i start the VCMI_098client.exe it gives me an error in red that says" Error: campaign movies was not found! Error: campaign music was not found! What i have to do??

The game will work without these files anyway.

…still, I get the same error and never really bothered about it till now, will investigate the issue.

I think yo have cd version of game. On GOG version there is no issue about campaign cutscenes and dialogs.

Yes i’ve the CD.
I have also the HD Edition, someone knows if it works with the file of the HD Edition?

HD edition is incompatible, but any CD version should work as long as it’s SoD / Complete.

I write here that every time i get this error in red that says “Error: campaign movies was not found! Error: campaign music was not found!” , my cd version of the game don’t have the elemental town that there is in the COMPLETE version. Someone can upload the file of the game that i need to fix the problem?

You need whole and complete data package, not just one file.

Vanilla version is not enough, need SoD / Complete for VCMI to work.

you now if it works with THIS version?

Yes, this is what we talk about all the time.

i’ve download the complete version, it’ works but the WOG Mod is in russian, and the traslation mod doesn’t work :frowning:

The translation mod doesn’t work for me either. :cry:

You disable the russian language in the wog mod

Here is my launcher

Not sure how to turn it off

Russian translation in a submod. Expand WoG section to see it (separate translation mod is obsolete)

Finally got how to expand the Wog menu, the triangles mean more menu options.
Sorry I didn’t understand before but the image above will help anyone else that didn’t get it.

I have same story, it does not interfere, but the best course would be to remove the it