How to translate this message?

In hota map object mod, this string is not traslated. I dont know which key should be set to do this job.

I have tired
mapObject.core.shrineOfMagicLevel1.rewards.0 or mapObject.hota.mapobjects.shrineOfMagicLevel1.rewards.0
dont work.

Hi. Try following:

  • Enable hota mod
  • Start VCMI and load any map
  • Open chat windows and enter /convert txt
  • After that, open Documents/My Games/VCMI/VCMI_Client_log.txt
  • Search for your line in file

Still not found the key。
Only those string in the log:

[2024-Mar-05 20:34:53.392954] TRACE global - Entering void CPlayerInterface::showInfoDialog(const string&, const std::vector<std::shared_ptr >&, int): player=0, text={Shrine of Magic Mystery}

You come across an ancient shrine attended by a group of ascetic hermits. In exchange for your protection, they agree to teach you a spell - 凌波微步.很遗憾,你已经掌握了这种魔法,他们没什么可教你了。 , is LOCPLINT=1.

Looks like you are right.
Seems like only name & description of shrines uses translation.

Noted, will fix for 1.5

In newest daily build,when I type /convert txt,VCMI crashed. I roll back main program to 1.4.5,everything is OK.

I upload my mod folder for reproduce this problem:

language should be set to Chinese

This crash is caused by the random map file generated by old vcmi version in vcmi data folder. When I delete it, texts can be converted without crash.