How to run VCMI on Era 2.3/2.4?

Hi, how to run VCMI on Era 2.4? When i install Era 2.4 on H3 Complete, then is work, but i if put put VCMI to era and start vcmi_client.exe and choose new game and map, vcmi crash to windows. I use windows 7 ultimate 64 bit, maybe I need something to run VCMI.

Huh… Reportedly it should work without any further additions. We need more information.
Could you please provide a screenshot with both console window output and the main window visible? Could you show the contents of the VCMI_Client_log.txt? (upload the file or paste the contents eg. on pastebin).

Sorry, but fo now check, that h3era.exe doesn’t work on Win 7, but normal H3 Complete works without problems. I don’t know what happens.

It is possible that this was caused by differences between file names in 2.3\2.4. Will fix for next release.

If you want to fix it yourself - use 2.3 for now or do this:

  1. Go to Heroes 3/Mods/WoG/Data
  2. check for file wog.vid. Rename it to “wog - video.vid”
  3. check for file wog.snd. Rename it to “wog - sounds.snd”


I think I’ll upload filesystem.json files from WoG and VCMI “mod” to svn. Will be easier to find correct version especially until finalization of mod format.

I found the problem and VCMI and Era works now. Thanks for the tips.

Ok, sounds right.