How the development is going

Since my first post quite a time ago i’ve been lurking and watching over the dev of this project closely.
Recently I saw someone posting that he thinks the development may take one more year.
I was surprised to see , since based on my readings it seems the project has an expectation to be finished in the following 2-3 years.
I would be wonderfull to find this wonderfull project is finished in just one more year, but I doubt this claim.
Can the dev team do a an educated guess on when they expect to release version 1.0?
This is actually a very imporant question to me since i’m very intersted on this project and I’m impatiently looking at it’s progress.

Even Devs dont know real date of 1.0
it depends How many more testers and devs we get
it depends how hard devs would work
and it depends if we get any “very hard problem” which could cost in time

But even after 1.0 work wouldn’t stop - there would be great mod support and mods arise

Development goes fine :slight_smile:

Well, I’ve tried guessing many times and reality always proved me being wrong.
It’s impossible to prepare a long-term timeline for such projekt as VCMI. As Majaczek said, it’s development speed depends on too many factors - the amount of mine (and other developers) free time is probably the key one.

If I’d had to guess, the possible timeline can be something like that:
0.74 - October 2009
0.8 - Early 2010
0.9 - Late 2010
1.0 - Mid/Late 2011

Do NOT treat it as an official statement, it’s only my private, non-committal guess. What gives at least two years. And my experience says that things usually take more time than we expect. But… who knows?

I don’t promise that VCMI will be ready soon. We’ve already spent over two years and it seems we’ll another two. But VCMI may be playable before 1.0 - though maybe without all H3 features, maybe not fully stable. A lot of work has been done and VCMI comes with every release closer to H3 possibilities.
But over talking and setting up various timelines I prefer looking on already achieved progress. I believe it is the best promise for project future. We was and we will constantly moving project forward. Development is aopen and fully transparent, so everyone can check my words. :slight_smile:

Hello all. Just popping here to show my support to an interesting and long term project. I am also involved in some modest modding and I know how long and hard it is. And I also know how important is to have positive feedback to keep interest, fresh powers and inspiration. Good luck to all!

Many thanks! :slight_smile: