How do I play multiplayer with my friend over LAN? :)

Hello there fellows!

Im having problems setting up a multiplayer game for me and my friend. I once got it working by inviting him by his ip adress but the sec I went out of the game it crashed.

Im wondering if there is a stable method working for lan games?

The VCMI_server gives me a crash on startup aswell.

Open for any solutions :slight_smile:

PS sorry for taking the matter up again as Im sure it has been discussed before

Unfortunately multiplayer is not yet properly supported: for LAN there is several bugs and lack of loading UI. In fact hotseat way more playable, but nobody worked on it for quite some time.

Also unlike original game VCMI engine is client-server which means someone who host the game (and server) must stay online till the end.

Thanks for the reply SXX!

So your suggestion would be to use hotseat for now?

Is there any eta on when they will try to work on the LAN part of the game? :slight_smile: Sure would be awesome if they could get it to work

Yes. At least hotseat can handle situation when one of players lost and it’s also unaffected by bugs that occur when 2nd/3rd client attempt to do something that only client controlling server can do (e.g load VCAI or BattleAI while only first client control AIs and neutral creatures).

Ability to load the saves is nice too (keep in mind there is no special loading screen, but it’s will work).

VCMI is open source project so everyone work on what they’d like to and feel important, but I can only talk for myself. I would love to work on multiplayer as soon as I find out with pathfinding and movement.

Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions SXX :slight_smile:

I appreciate all the work you are doing - I, myself, is not much of a coder so Im afraid I wouldnt be of much help :frowning:

Hope the multiplayer function will be available at sometime

Have a lovely weekend :slight_smile: