How di control Ai players?

How exactly can I make use of “controlai” to take control of AI players? How do I make this request? Where do I type the command? Does this function actually work?

try the in-game console (press tab inside the game)

I started a multiplayer hotseat game (2 humans vs 2 computers). I’ve tried pressing TAB and typing “controlai” – there’s no effect (computer still controls tan & green). I’ve tried pressing TAB and typing “cmd controlai” – no effect. Also tried typing “-controlai” or “-cmd controlai” – no effect.

it seems that you should type controlai in terminal (the OS console window) during the game. It might work only on Windows though (on macOS it doesn’t for me).
it might also be a problem of the terminal program used.

OK . . . what is the OS console window, and how do I find it?

launch vcmiclient directly (not through launcher) and you’ll see it - window with lots of messages

When you launch game by clicking vcmi_client.exe (not through launcher), dos-like console will appear first.

Thank you very much folks! That’s what I was missing! I did not know how to get to the console.

The command works just fine.