How About Rewritting Might and Magic too?

i know the project was hard to made it all way to here and it took several years…
but if miracles are possible I want an open source engine compatible with most of MM1-MM8
and I have no problem with keeping it still 2.5D like before MM9 (MM9 came too early and because of release year technicalies it turned to the crap, it was first and last full 3D Might&Magic game (not HoMM))

There is such project, but dead :frowning: … hp?t=10974

And another one. However instead of recreating engine for existing games, they’re trying to create a new one. Looks more-less alive but as with most other MM-related projects there is almost no public information here.

Might & Magic The New Order was very promising:

Looks dead now :frowning:

Maybe someone could contact them and ask them to release their project as open source. Maybe there would be some chance for continuing.