HoTA map specification

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I would like to know whether someone has any info about HoTA map specification? I know that HoTA map has a few new features, so it doesn’t work in VCMI. But maybe do you know what difference is between standard H3 map and HoTA map?

Thanks for any help!
mbehemot (

Hi. What exactly do you want to know? Last time I checked they had no significant changes apart from support for their new features:

  • new win/loss conditions
  • multiple new objects with new identifiers
  • expansion of existing objects ( new subtypes for towns, heroes, etc)

And of course change of format version in header.

Check their changelog - IIRC they keep complete changelog on their forums, including ID’s of new objects

Oh - and as of support of hota maps in vcmi then I’m afraid that this is too complicated due to how our modding system works. However converter for hota maps to vcmi format( once it will be implemented) is quite possible.

No it not such complicated. We just need to reorganize HotA mod same way we do with WoG - use indexes for objects.

I need to know how many bytes they use for each new object. It would be great if someone has a specification for HoTA map like this:

I can find bytes using HoTA map Editor, but as you know this is very time-consuming. I ask about specification, because maybe someone has this ready.

I need all this info, because on my site ( we have upload system, which takes user’s map, gets header info, and generates mini-map automatically. This works for RoE, AB, SoD and WoG, but no for HoTA.

Don’t know all these details unfortunately. Try asking in HotA thread on heroes community - you can find somebody from HotA Crew there.

From a quick look into their format I see

  1. Extra 4 bytes in header, immediately after version ( subversion? )
  2. Two new victory conditions
  3. Several new objects (although it seems that these don’t have any configurable data so they shouldn’t affect format)