HOTA doesnt work on Mac M2

Hello, I cant start HOTA on Mac Pro M2 2023. Whenever I lick on BEGIN to start the game (both campaign and any map from skirmish), I just get returned back to main screen.

Please see the attached GIF - VCMI-HOTA-M2

macOS 13.5

Client Logs:

[2024-Jan-04 18:18:50.530863] ERROR network - Lost connection to server, ending listening thread! Connection has been closed
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:50.532062] ERROR network - Error: server failed to close correctly or crashed!
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:50.532077] ERROR network - Check /Users/david/Library/Logs/vcmi/server_log.txt for more info

Server Logs is full of error messages like:

[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.139935] ERROR mod - Request for .creatureDamageBoth from mod hota.cove
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.139944] ERROR mod - Unknown identifier!
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.139996] ERROR mod - Request for .defence from mod hota.cove
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.140004] ERROR mod - Unknown identifier!
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.068415] ERROR mod - Unsupported speciality format for hero !
[2024-Jan-04 18:18:46.099366] ERROR mod - Error: invalid ability type TERRAIN_NATIVE.

Whenever I run the gamr without HOTA (i.e. with WOTG), everything is fine.

Please, upgrade game to 1.4.2 version. And HotA mod as well to 1.6.32 version.