HOMM 3 VCMI Soundtrack

Hi Everybody.

We were working on this for few months and at last i can say that we’ve finished main theme.

The author of that is the music band - Hateprayer [me and my friend]

facebook.com/pages/Hatepray … 5981532534 - our official site on facebook, where you can find informations about us.

youtube.com/watch?v=o-S3enOk … r_embedded -* video on youtube Hateprayer - HOMM III Main Theme*


  1. Download that song from freedownloads.last.fm/download/5 … BTheme.mp3

  2. Open Your Heroes 3 folder C:\Program Files\Heroes3 - default]

  3. Enter the folder mp3

  4. Create a backup of files MainMenu.mp3 [and [i]MainMenuWoG.mp3 if u have WOG]

  5. Paste our song to that folder.

  6. Rename this song to MainMenu [if you are playing WOG - [i]MainMenuWoG]

  7. Enjoy :smiley:

It’s our cover of the original Inferno Theme. Enjoy ; )
That’s only first version. We will remake it for sure.

Link to download: VERSION 0.1

Link to download VERSION 0.2 probably the final version

That’s only first version. We will remake it for sure.

We are still working on the rest of soundtrack and it should be finished in two/three months
Yes, we’re recording WHOLE soundtrack.
All is made only by ourself.

Please listen and write your comments. I swear that we will take under attention each comment and make necessary changes.

If we make sth new we will edit that post.

Waiting for comments ; )

Nice on its own, but it’s everything but fantasy game soundtrack. This rhytmic beat and electric guitar couldn’t be more out of place. I like the ambient strings, though. Could be filled with some traditional (especially medieval) instruments.

You know, Romero, besides having talent, has made his studies in a music conservatory, it helps. Starting to write music within electronic devices is the fastest way to miss the whole point: melody.

That soundtrack don’t suit heroess well :frowning:
You should make somethink more like this:
youtube.com/watch?v=IrOliVhbBo8 (without any text ofc,)

The sound track is good, but I am not 100% sure if electric gutair fits Heroes of Might and Magic.

lilith, well done. Many people talks about doing things but few, so few actually does anything. I appreciate your contribution. Are you going to publish your music under a license allowing further redistribution (like Creative Commons?). That’d be necessary if you want your music to be used in… pretty much anything. [Unless you have another plans already?]

Theme is nice but also… pretty forgettable. There’s something in the Valery’s point about melody. It’s the music’s point and after listening to your song there is no melody remaining in my head.
The electric guitar doesn’t bother me that much (I guess you don’t have a harp? :wink: ). Maybe it’s just me, but I find vocals in game soundtrack much more distracting. Even though I like listening to H4 music on its own, I turned it off in the actual game. Aria from Berserk Movie sounds too… intrusive for turn-based strategy. But, as always, it’s all essentially a matter of an individual taste.

Keep on working. I’m looking forward to listen to your next tracks. Good luck! :slight_smile:

We could sneak-in The Forge into next release and claim that it’s a sci-fi game! :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not saying that Aria is perfect for our purpose. I just wanted to show proper direction. Even for forge town theme I don’t think lilith’s will work. It’s nice song but not for Heroes.

You can easily compare HoTa’s soundtrack. It fits perfectly.
For example new town theme: youtube.com/watch?v=JS74MIUZ06I
You preety can’t say the diffrence betwee this one, and original ones.

My advises:

  1. As almost evry original H3 song it must start slowly and get it’s culmination in the alf or at the end.
  2. For main menu choral elements would be nice, might even properly made clapping would work(rarely one can find nice songs with clapping)
  3. Intruments used shall by more clasic…

I will try to give You some inspirations:


ofc. only few elements of those song will do… and my main point of giving those links is mostly to show many diffrent instruments used in those.

Anyway thanks for your work and I nope you’re ready for much more work waiting. :wink:

Hi everyone
answers for everyone ; )

Warmonger - yes we, are gonna add some medieval instruments, make it more significant and so on.

valery19 - I wasnt studing music and im not gonna. Im here to fulfill the music with my soul.

You all think that it doesnt fit because you keep in your heads old soundtrack. You are closed to new ideas and so on - thats my point of view. In my opinion it fits perfectly [just add this to your game folder and check in game]
We [Hateprayer] are gonna make this soundtrack in new style.
Just believe me, it will be good :smiley: oj, ja wam mówie, będzie bardzo dobrze :smiley: ]

Dear Guest - I know what u mean. We will add sth like this to that song.

Lord Cameron - Look higher. Newsoundtrack equals new style, it fits. We r not gonna copy another people music.

Tow - Thank you. Yes, I’m going to publish that song [and rest of my music] under a license allowing further redistribution [maybe even sth like creative commons]

We have to think about the rights and so on… But I can say now that heroes 3 VCMI will get rights to use our music for sure.

I know that its forgettable…We keep working on it… We r doing our best…
I think the same way. Vocals dont fit heroes. Noway. We won’t add them.
And againthanks for good luck :smiley:

** Dear another guest** - there is no problem to make additional song to new town. Im here becausei wanna help. You are scripting and soooooo on, imjust making all the music.

I know the HOTA soundtrack. Yes it fits and its in old heroes style.
Thank you for inspirations I’ll listen them.

If you are intrested this is our plan of soundtrack

Main Theme - youtube.com/wa…player_embedded
This is the first version we will edit it.

Theme on Adventure Map - Cover of Heroes IV song youtube.com/watch?v=79nmqEz8 … =autoshare ]

** Castle** / Zamek - About half is made.

** Rampart** / Bastion - Its already done.

** Fortress** Forteca - Nothing is done

** Inferno ** - Cover of original inferno theme in heroes 3 [small changes]

** Necropolis ** - We are working, about half is done.

Stronghold / Twierdza - Nothing is done

** Citadel** /Cytadela - Nothing is done

Gate of Elements Wrota Żywiołów - Nothing is done.

** Battle themes** - already done :smiley:

** Another sounds in game ** - Composed but not recorded.

I know that it takes a lot of time… I know. Everybody doesnt like waiting. I have another things to do and my whole life, I’m sorry. And we were recording our songs. Soon Ill add them to the Youtube channel.

By the way, I live near the Kraków and since October Ill be living there ; p

I have to agree, the beat and the electric guitar don’t fit. But the rest sounds good.

I think here is the major confusion. Of course music is expressing our emotions, but it is a language as complex as programming, for example. Most people use to think successful melodies from video games or other are only issued from pure inspiration, without any hard labor behind. It is just not true. For example, if you want to give to your track irish flavor, you have to study irish harmonic structure as well as irish melodies pattern. To be able to do so, you have to learn music grammar first. Once you know everything about, forget the intellectual approach and let your soul talk, backed by the knowledge you acquired.

I don’t want to discourage you (and probably you don’t care) but those tracks lack substance and musical knowledge. Inspiration does not come from nowhere even if you have modern electronic tools, there must be a strong idea and advanced skills to make a music habit our head.

Personally I love H3 original music, is it any need to replace it by something else?

Me too, and I think they should just add to it, not replace it.

Well yes, because it is HOMM3 and we want to keep it that way. By changing the music style, you change the identity of the game.

Just as an example, would Caesar 3 still be Caesar 3 if it had music from … let’s say Starcraft?

I really don’t want to limit your creativity, but try cater to our needs, this way we’ll be a lot more interested in your work.

Keep it up lilith. I am looking forwards to your new music. Do you have a specific time in mind for adding them?

Are your songs going to be optional, and are they additions or replacements of the original homm iii music?

For this time we have recorded 3 demos of our songs [if you are interested I can upload it :smiley: ]

We will show you battle themes to heroes in few days

I think that who will enjoy that music then he will replace it with original. To make it additional we should poke game code * therefore falls.*

I’ve added Inferno Theme and Combat Theme. Just first demos which we are gonnaremake but you can listen now :smiley:

Thanks for sharing. Great to see you keep to your plans. Good luck with further work! :slight_smile:

Any chance of covering music from Heroes2? It has many great pieces, and seeing H2 track cover in the game would be more exciting than H3 cover. :stuck_out_tongue:

We’ve remaked our Inferno Theme. Everything is in first post in this topic. Enjoy ; )

Nice work , keep them coming. I do have one request , can you find somewhere better to upload them too , took me 2 mins to work out which DOWNLOAD buttons was your file and which ones where Adds