High resolution mod not working

I tried changing the resolution in the vcmi settings but the game only seems to run in 800 x 600. Then under mods, I installed the High-res menu mod (it worked as there’s a tick next to and the main menu looks different in the game). Now, I get an option in the game setting to chance the resolution, however, the game looks exactly the same. Any ideas how to solve this?

Installing vcmi essential files from here https://wiki.vcmi.eu/Mod_list#Utilities will solve all your problems.
Hi-res Menu mod is not needed to change for higher res.

Thank you for the fast reply. According to my vcmi mod list, this is already installed - there’s a green tick next to it in the mod list and I also get the option to choose the resolution in settings, however, choosing a specific resolution doesn’t seem to make a difference as the games just starts in 800x600 anyway.

Effect is visible in adventure map actually. it’s similar feature as hd mod in Heroes3 does.