Heroes' Portraits

I’m not sure if this is the right place to post it, so please help me to move topic if it’s not right.


Please read !Guide.rtf in zip file to import *.pcx into game.

**Note: **These images are used in Completed version, but I post here because I cannot post a new thread anywhere else (I’m a new member). Anyway, I think they will also appear well in WoG version.


Good Quality Portraits

Libre / Open Source Portraits which were drawn for the open source game flare and I think they are free to use:



While I recognize only few of the pics you posted (fe . a knight from h5 game cover) I think that the rest of those pictures is also copyrighted and as such not suitable for use (taken out of other commercial games)

Using open source /free images is really important and while those pictures are really good they cannot be used by any project based on vcmi without possible legal problems in the future.

Yes, you are absolutely right!
Actually, all of images are from wallpapers, deviant art, other games, none is mine! But I hope that some of those images are free!??? :mrgreen: And I also edited some images by myself (I know, it is still not my copyright!). Anyway, I really appreciate the authors of those images (e.g: Kerembeyit, Nebezial, Sakimichan, Arsenal21…), they are wonderful!

The point is: I just made it for my self to enjoy the Heroes III. After a while, I would like to share it for other players, that’s all!
So… although it may not helpful for VCMI, do you think some guys here can use it for theirself? If no one like me to share it here, I will delete my post (or Mod can help me to do that)!

While waiting for confirmation, I would like to share updated portraits: :mrgreen:


For a heroes 3 mod or fan use it might be ok to use it :P. Mods are generally illegal :stuck_out_tongue:

For a standalone projects it is not. I will need some portraits at some point for legends but I need a certain free source. Your pics are really nice but for anything that might be public domain or some other free license a confirmation would be needed.

I know it’s a hassle to ask all authors for licensing terms. I know licensing is a headache generally but it needs to be done for any standalone game based on vcmi.

Thanks for your confirmation.

However, it will be exhausted to create another open source portraits pack. And it’s really difficult to find a pictures which is satisfy me (even with none-open source image), so… I’m not sure whether I can create any open source portrait or not! And no, it will be more exhausted to draw an image by my self. I could have passion to do that 10 years ago, but not now :mrgreen:

Anyway, if somehow I can create some of them, I will be glad to share it!

Is there still any interest in updating hero portraits…changing unused heroes into new ones…? I have some experience in doing this, although I cannot stand 3D Character portraits…

Here is an example using my face and moving it into a character

That’s preety nice job DaCruMeister, im sure that if you make whole set of portraits they will make use of it.

Now when i see it, i think it would be nice if there was in game character creator that would allow creating Heroes usable for single scenarios or custom campaigns.

Nice. Certainly Baldur Gate-ish. Not sure if this will look good in H3 - hero portraits have different size (and possibly style) so for example his jacket\leather armor won’t be visible at all, smaller size portraits won’t allow a lot of detailing.

If you would like to do it - why not?

Alright, I will work on redesigning portraits. If anyone wants me to create a portrait for them specifically, let me know (any job really)

Here is a style I have been working on, let me know what you all think…

Ok. here is my opinion.

I like the line around portrait but it could be used in better way - warriors in 1 color, magicians in other and different patterns for each town.

I don’t like lack of background in them.

It’s neutral now for me that thy are almost the same as original, but i think it would be nice to modify them more, add scars to some characters, change their outfits etc.

Here are my 2 cents:

I like the fact that they are almost the same as the original.

I also like the alignment association of the line around the portrait in the lack of a background. It’s true that H3-like background would be better, ideally an even more pronounced one (to make it even more obvious to which alignment they belong…), but I can imagine that’s challenging to draw as well (perhaps in a next phase).

But it’s very good job already! :slight_smile: