Heroes Chronicles

I’ve made mod, which replaces H3 start menus with Heroes Chronicles ones. Mod have eight submods. Each of them has its own graphic and campaign. Mod is not perfect, because my graphical and technical lack of knowledge. Of course, to avoid legall issues, you must have your own copy of Heroes Cronicles - but in the other hand… Ubisoft killed HoMM series, so… :slight_smile:

Heroes Chronicles v1.0

Known issues.

  • to avoid conflicts and crashes, only one submod must be enabled at once. I don’t understand how “conficts” command works and I couldn’t write proper mod.json to forbid enebling two or more sumbods simultaneously. Help!

  • New Game and Load Game bitmaps in some submods are placed in strange parts of the screen. Because I can’t overlap these bitmaps over .bik animation…

  • I can’t enable intros either.

  • .bik animations under Credits menu are shaking.

  • Left side of the Scenario selection window has blank-greyed squares. Of course, VCMI can’t choose map within campaign, so it’s only graphical feeling.

  • scenario window is shifted to the background graphic (apparently position of GSelPop1.bmp or CAMPBRF.bmp is diffirent in H3 and HC. I’ve tried to set new coordinates of these files in mod.json but… nothing happens :frowning:

  • I think mod is compatible with almost all mods (even WoG and Tarnum is back). For sure is incompatible with Hi-Res mod but again - I don’t understand correctly how override system works and can’t set proper overrided folders.

  • of course, HC campaign appears in Custom Campaign menu.

In my vcmi build game crashes during loading any campaign (so I didn’t test Tarnum’s portaits), but from my friends campaigns load smoothly. So… enjoy!