(Heroes 3) Is it possible to convert a saved game to a map?


I made a custom map ~1 year ago, and my computer crashed recently. I thought that the custom map was gone with that happening, but I found an old hotseat save of the map on my USB, and that save still works even though I don’t have the map saved on my computer.

So now I ask - is it possible to convert this “savegame file” to a proper map that I can use for new games?

Hawfinch (Evasion)

Not really. :frowning:

Savegame file indeed does contain information about map (at least all relevant for given game; I don’t know if eg. picked resources or initial armies leave any trace) — but the game file uses different format than map file and that format AFAIK hasn’t been reversed.

I’m afraid the best you can do to retrieve your map is to open the save in H3, use wogeyeofsauron cheat, open map editor in another window and recreate map from scratch by copying.

Well, that’s awkward. ;( Guess I will have to start from scratch, then.

Thanks anyway. :slight_smile: