Heroes 3, Extended Soundtrack Mod

Hi everyone,

I’ve been working on a new mod that focus on the game soundtrack. Basically, it’s the beginning of a larger project to include other Might & Magic soundtracks to Heroes 3.

Download link: Google Drive , Heroes3 Nexus

Description :

This mod will adds to Heroes 3 musics from other games, such as Heroes 2 & Heroes 4. Everything will be sorted by music type and games so you can easily enable/disable what you want.

Basically : more combats themes, factions & terrains music replacer. Everything customizable.

Note :

As of version 0.1, there’s only 3 submods that allows you to adds additional combat themes for Heroes 2 (both CD & MIDI version) and Heroes 4.

PS : I’m reworking the loudness of each audio to fits already-existing H3 musics.

What to expect for future version(s)?

Heroes 2 terrains & faction themes, as 2 sub-mods so you can only change terrains or factions.
Heroes 4 terrains & factions themes, as 2 sub-mods so you can only change terrains or factions.

Alternative terrains & factions themes, a selection of non-H2/H4 themes from the M&M franchise.
More additional combat themes, a selection of non-H2/H4 themes from the M&M franchise.

Audio remastering for few tracks.

Could you convert .mp3 to .ogg for potentail storing at github repo? (mp3 is not open format).

Should be okay, gonna do it

@misiokles You can find on the Google drive the OGG version. I will keep using ogg files for upcoming versions according to your needs.

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It’s not my needs, only github rules :slight_smile:

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Quick update :

Unlike what’s been said previously, I will instead make 2 versions of the submod.

  1. Heroes Legacy : A selection of Heroes 2 and Might & Magic franchise original soundtracks.
  2. Heroes Modern : A selection of Heroes 4 and Heroes 5 original soundtracks.

Also, I plan on extracting vocals to only put instrumentals version of songs that contains singing part as I don’t feel like it fits H3 that much.

By the way, for combat themes it’s easy to add rather than replace. Is it possible too for other music such as town’s themes ? Or can we only replace audio ?

Only replace…

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I updated my mod, you can find download link below.

What’s new ? :

  1. Added Heroes 2 + Might & Magic terrains music replacer.
  2. Added Heroes 2 + Might & Magic towns music replacer.
  3. Added Heroes 4 terrains music replacer.
  4. Added Heroes 4 towns music replacer.
  5. Added “Heroes Legacy : Other theme” which replace 2 of 3 Ai Themes.

Download links :

Google Drive , Heroes3 Nexus

To-Do list :

  1. Find fitting music for Conflux & Dungeon to add to H4 towns themes.
  2. Add Heroes 2 SFX replacer (for example : it could replace the lvl up SFX) - maybe
  3. Add an additional combat theme submod with bunch of great soundtracks. - maybe

Though, right now I’m only considering fixing eventual mistakes & bugs. I’ve spent plenty of hours trying to find non-HoMM music that could fit for “H4” conflux & dungeon, but I haven’t found anything worth it.