Hero limit

Most times game ends when AI buys too much heroes (due to their “one step” moving that creates endless turns) would be nice to make some hero limit option , that will make not possible to buy for example more than 2 heroes tavern will not produce them (in maps with more heroes in start no option to buy them) or is there any command already for this?

I think you are mixing many different things:

  • Endless turns should not happen in any situation
  • Besides, how endless turn is related to the amount of heroes?
  • AI buys a new heroe when it thinks it’s the best option. If you can propose alternate logic for buying heroes, please do it within our current system.
  • Everything that is possible or not possible is exactly the same for every player, AI or not. This is the basic principle of anti-cheat system.

I am about opposite - I think that hero limit maybe upped to 16 heroes on map at time.

PS Now AI heroes don’t usually retake mines or dwellings captured by me. If AI will change behavior or weak heroes to exploring/collecting all unguarded resources and dwellings, it will make more sence for AI to buy new heroes. I never was good in AI, so it’s only my proposition,

Well , i have this problem , on about 70% maps (other 30% works correct ) i start , first 2 turns comes normally then it all slows down more and more each turn , in 2-4 weeks it comes to permanent enemy turn , but if i rush and kill enemy heroes, turns are fast as before , can you tell me what to do with it? i actually love this game and its only one that i can play more then 30 minutes on mobile :-/

There were some issues with logging and etc, which caused AI turn to be long. In next release AI will move much faster, as it said. So have patience :sunglasses:

Well thanks , when it will be approximately? :slight_smile:

Have no idea. But it was said that next build will be in month from release of 0.95.
So it can be any time now. But I hope first Spells modding will be finished.

well thanks , what is going to be changed with spells?

I don’t exactly know. But I think there will be made modding system at least for buff/debuff spells (spells, giving speed, health, or reducing defence, etc) and for direct damage spells (like Lighting Bolt etc)

I added settings for heroes to defaultMods.json:

"hardcodedFeatures" :


So if my code changes will be taken to ‘develop’ branch, users can set up max heroes on map/max heroes including garrisoned as they like (or cause, only positive numbers:-)
Like someone may set it to have 255 heroes per player, and to freeze VCMI :mrgreen:

More configurable options (such as multiple effects - debuff + damage in same spell, configurable animations. And may be smth else: any suggestions?) and deep refactoring of all related mechanics.

What is about summon spells? Did it made also?