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That’s what i need :slight_smile:


Interesting: The sound for the Nymph dwelling is there. It just has an extremely low volume. But it is there. This one is still a stereo wav.

The sound for the waterfall is not there. Is it possible that, to have any sound, an object needs an activation tile? At least the volume decreases with distance. So i assume decreases with distance from the activation point. And the waterfall does not have such an activation point. Could anybody verify this?

If yes, i would simply change this waterfall to something activatable, f.ex. a “fountain of youth” or something similar.


I’ve found such ‘theory’ of ambient sounds and distance volume:


Yes. Also it seems that to lower volume with distance, you have to configure it. Currently the Nymph dwelling sound switches on as soon as you are 3 tiles distant or nearer :slight_smile:

But then: What does mean “Volume is depend on distance from them”? Max distance is 3 tiles. The waterfall object is 4x4 tiles. So distance is calculated from what? Center?


I suppose it’s hardcoded.
S - When you stand on source is 100% volume
1 - Tiles around source have 90% volume
2 - One tile away is 60%
3 - Two tiles away is 30%

But I don’t know where is the source in non-visitable objects…


But I don’t know where is the source in non-visitable objects…

Yes, that is exactly the question. A question for the developers, i think.

But it seems the volume decrease is not hardcoded. I have just tested it. The sound switches on as soon as i’m near enough, and then does not change volume, as i get nearer. I have not configured such a decrease. So i assume it is not hardcoded, but to be configured.

O.k., until another day then. Enough for today. Bye.


There is config/ambientSounds.json where some properties are configured(distance and volume). According to it static objects should have sound source on all tiles.


I changed the Nymph dwelling wav file from stereo to mono, now volume adjustment works.

The waterfall object still has no sound.


Is there a command to block custom decoration to spawn at random maps, but available in map editor for mapmaking purposes?


Try "handler": "generic" for object group.


It works as I’ve asked. Thanks!


Did the object format change? The game does not start any more. Log excerpt:

2018-Aug-18 09:22:47.043037 WARN mod [7fa76b7fc700] - Data in plant is invalid!
2018-Aug-18 09:22:47.043052 WARN mod [7fa76b7fc700] - At /types/SwampFlowers/templates/fswe0001
Error: Unknown entry found: tags
At /types/SwampFlowers/templates/fswe0001
Error: Required entry mask is missing
At /types/SwampFlowers/templates/fswe0002
Error: Unknown entry found: tags

Seems as if the tags tag was eliminated, and some new tag (entry mask) was added.

I’ve up to now done about 400 of Freds Objects. Still about 3600 to do :slight_smile: But if object format changes, i have lot more to do.


Yes and no. mask for object template was always required, tags field is missing in schema - this is a bug in VCMI.



		"types" : {
			"base" : {
				"mask" : [ "V", "B" ]
			"SwampFlowers" : {
				"templates" : {
					"fswe0001" : { "animation" : "fswe0001.def", "tags": [ "swamp" ] },
					"fswe0002" : { "animation" : "fswe0002.def", "tags": [ "swamp" ] },

mask is in base


Correct format is:

		"base" : {
			"base" : {
				"mask" : [ "V", "B" ]
		"types" : {...



what is about zIndex? Was this eliminated? If yes, how should i configure the terrain overlays, so that they are rendered above the terrain, but under other objects, like f.ex. an ore mine?


zIndex works as intended.


Last time I tried zIndex was reported as error.


In game - yes (few months ago console didn’t show any yellow errors). But zIndex works fine with map editor, so you can make object that objects can be placed on it.

But I didn’t check how vcmi maps work in the game with zIndex.


Is there any bonus that grants unlimited ammo - like in ammo cart? Or it is hardcoded feature only?