Help with making def files

Hello, i’ve been busting my head against trying to figure out why my def keeps crashing vcmi when i load up the creature for a battle. Here is the link to the file i’m in the process of making the sprites for all of the dwarf units in kings bounty and i’ve got a good process going to getting them it’s just making the def is failing me. I’ve had no problem making buildings for the town screen but this creature just won’t work. Thank you very much for taking the time to look at this.

Hi, sorry for delay.

All creatures’ defs must have specific size - 450x400 pixels. Try resizing your images to this size and it should work.

Creatures with other sizes also work, checked this several times. When will be at home, will check this def.
Maybe its about wrong def type i guess.

You done creature wrong.
Your frame size is too small - it does not have standart place for standing (from left upper corner)
On picture you can see what must be in H3DefTool (creature at least must be placed on red hexes displayed by program - left part). Right part - is your creature.

You guys rock, thank you for taking the time to help me i appreciate it.