Help with crashing

Hi i just downloaded vcmi after a few years and now every 2nd battle that i fight with or without mods the game just crashes and generates a log. I’d like to know how to sort this so i can actually play the game


Probably old version.

Hi. What platform do you have? Windows? Android? Something else?

I am using 1.4.2, which is the latest(?). I am running Windows 11. Can’t upload crash log as im new member :slight_smile:

You are not the first to report such crashes, but no solution so far.

Can you try installing vcmi using “VCMi-WindowsAlternate” installer? And once crash happens - send me / upload here file ‘VCMI_client.exe_crashinfo.dmp’ from game install directory?

If you still can’t upload files here then any other way is fine, Google Drive or whatever is convenient to you.

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Ok I will try that, thank you

So I tried WindowsAlternate, that crashed but didn’t produce a crash log just exited to desktop, then i went back to 1.4.0. Got the crash again, then this time i got an error log.

So here is the link to the crash log: Crash log

I have updated to 1.4.4 and the game was actually working for 15 minutes then a morale boost happened and the game just crashed without a log. So reinstalled etc, avoided battling creatures for awhile then my first battle that i had to take, game crashes instantly lol.

Here is link to 1.4.4 crash log: 1.4.4 Crash log

Actually I believe we found the reason for these crashes.

Expect fix soon, probably today in 1.4.5 release. Alternatively, make sure that “Friendly AI in battles” and “Enemy AI in battles” options in Launcher are set to BattleAI and NOT to StupidAI

Oh cool, thank you for all your help Ivan.

Interesting, Enemy ai was set to stupid Ai, but friendly AI was set to Battle AI so now they both set to Battle.