Help me plss thx

hello, can someone advise me what to do with it, I download any version of the develope branch, not even one of them starts the game.

It’s because your computer name. It constains non unicode letters and vcmi doesn’t like filepaths with such letters. I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe devs in next updates will repair this bug.

@sumik25 please try the following test build that should fix the issue: fix launching server when Windows user name has non-latin characters · vcmi/[email protected] · GitHub (MXE is 32-bit, MSVC is 64-bit)

btw you’ve downloaded a very old build which is from 2019.

The fix for cyrillic characters is released. So I also concerned about Ubisoft. We support GoG installation, not sure about Ubisoft one. Also if x64 windows version does not work try x86.