Help me getting it work please

Hello there friends !

I must say, i have just got my Galaxy S2 yesterday so all these apps etc are new to me. When i heard Heroes 3 on my phone i had the weirdest reaction ever, i practically ran naked at home !

My childhood, from a big large destkop computer into a smartphone…

Now I’m trying to make it work. I have installed VCMI from android market. Now what do i have to do ?

I have copied the game files into VCMI on my galaxy phone memory.
Also added these into the same directory.

Now when i launch VCMI, it just turns back to menu, no error given. What am i doing wrong ?
Thanks for the help and this brilliant project !

You have to find the developer who created it.
Tip: He’s not here and doesn’t care to help.

So much for all the excitement, now im heart broken.

Anyway, one can only hope.