Help in mods

hello hi, is there any mod that allows building and hiring lvl 8 units? same as in wog or era 2? the same with upgrading zombies to mummies, iron golems to diamond ones, etc.? if so, where can it be downloaded? Thanks.

Nobody converted those mod into vcmi. But there’s mod in development that every unit should get update. But nobody knows when it will be finished.

yes i saw the demos. it looks interesting. Thanks for the information.

I want to make or remake on of mods so I have question for mod makers. How do you make sprites, def files? or how you change default h3 monsters sprites. Is it necessery to have 3d model or there is another way. i tried to find some 3d models and make some sprites. but nowhere i can get models for free. give me some advice please. I wish to join modmakers comunity

Level 8 dwellings work normally in WoG mod, they even spawn on random maps.

As to upgrades - there’s specific bonus that allows upgrading one creature into another. Check Geliu or Drakon’s specialty.
Not sure how to make it global, though.