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Having trouble figuring out how to install this game.

I extract using 7-zip and there are a bunch of files resulting. I’ve tried double clicking a number of them but honestly cannot figure out how to install (including VCMI_Client and VCMI_Launcher).

Any help?

Just copy all extracted files into your heroes3 folder. Copy, not install. Then click VCMI_Client.exe or VCMI_Launcher. Of course, we are talking about Windows version.

version windows 0.99
really dont know how to report it… so finded bugs:

  1. if you defend town moat damage your unit on bridge, as attacker cannot go to bridge when is down
  2. generator during try modifi players setting sometimes crash
  3. during multiplayer hot seat, during oponents turn oponent attack hero, units graphic doesnt move only sometimes reduce his amount but real was moved and battle somewhere, impossible correctly battle
  4. magic animation doesnt work correct, doesnt show animations many times
  5. unable enable how many oponents units i will defeat by attack
  6. autosaving problem - game generate 5 autosaves and really dont know what is actual

result unfortunately unplayable because 3.

is there any way to ask VCMI to store all its settings etc files inside its own folder instead of My Docments or other “standard” location?
in other words: how to make VCMI binary-portable (in or sense of the word “portable”)?
did I miss some command-line parameter mentioned on the wiki or these forums?

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