H3 WoG: Master of Puppets

There new mod had been released, called Master of Puppets:
youtube.com/watch?v=kRRV7PBN … r_embedded

Their site is mop-drew.ru/, only thing it’s all in russian.

Posting this for solutions used in MoP that might be usefull in VCMI.

Ah ok i have to check this , but what about random map generator in mp games? its working correctly?

Men, this MOP is almost a kingsbounty+heroes cocktail :). Mapgen work perfectly, with templates.
I cant believe, i never heard about this mod, only now discover in the darkest holes of web.

Main features:

-artifacts (143 new)
-creatures (40 new neutral, some new regular, reskin almost all)
-spells (some new adventure and combat spells, rebalanced magic system)
-skills (one new, many others extended and balanced, remove skill limit, new page for skills on hero screen)
-objects (new and reskinned buildings and other objects with new functions, wandering teachers, raid bosses)
-town relics (dozens of differents with various bonuses, work as grail)
-towns (some changes, and can build new towns on empty places)
-interface (new and extended screens and dialogs, buttons for new and old functions, hotkeys, additional informations)
-marriage (between two hero, grant various bonuses - as kings bounty)
-heroes (totally reworked with new names, specialists, portraits and full images)
-commaders reskinned
-WoG features balanced and extended (as spellbanning with images and categories)
-templates for random map generator (as hd mod)
-other (as artifact bag, treasure digging, creature-specialists can recruit from far the favorized creature, and so many else)

Interesting and useful informations:

-extra tools (as creature editor)
-made in russia, but fully english in-game, no language problems
-illustrated documentation (unfortunately this is russian)
-source code is available (assembly language with russian comments, but of course, erm is work)
-random templates work perfectly, but no combobox for chose (need copy only one to data folder and keep “rmg” name, or copy all with different names and type name in game)
-own installer (but you can extract anywhere and copy later too)
-separated files, no owerwrite anything (only the mapeditor not compatible with the original)
-own mapeditor (open old maps, set specification-version-wog, save to mopmaps-folder and perfectly work)
-some popular new wog objects not included, but you can add files to mop with mmarchiver, so any non-scripted map work (im not tested with scripted maps)
-the only one missing: high resolution.
-the versions is names: 1.0=seek & destroy, 2.0=ride the lightning (creators metallica fans sure :D)
-project is closed in 2013, rtl is the final version (some russian fans try with an expansion, named as “battery” - hehe, but they will fail)

I play homm3 long ago with hd and mods (hota, lord, and dozens of smaller), but this is better alone.

Summary: ubisoft go to hell with ros hd edition and homm66 :slight_smile:

Mod created for maps and addresses at random to change the quality of play, turn difficult more difficult but more interesting, then originals.

Any plans for a English version anytime soon?

random templates work perfectly, but no combobox for chose (need copy only one to data folder and keep “rmg” name, or copy all with different names and type name in game)

I have Parkinson’s while watching the video. Spells Hotkeys is a good feature, but I doubt it’s any help for veterans. It is not easy to keep 10 hot keys in memory when we know that the wrong spell can lead to a lost battle, and navigating through spells is the joy of the player. I especially like the large portraits of heroes DL. 300-207 Dumps Questions