H3 for 2.50$ at gog

They are giving away a lot of free stuff. I read in ria novosti that 10% of the people in russia believe the maya stuff. Well NOW its the time to get a legal H3 version :smiley:


That was a great offer. Pity I wasn’t online much the last couple of weeks and missed it. Not for H3 - of which I own couple of releases already - but some other M&M titles I’m still missing.

They’re still 50% off, so 4.99$, which is not bad either. I’m thinking of ordering M&M 1-to-6 collection. Seems a good price for the what it includes (first 6 titles, plus extras, manuals, soundtrack). And maybe it’s about time for me - long time Heroes fan :stuck_out_tongue: - to finally give the M&M games a try as well.

For the HoMM fans interested there are two very good offers on Play.com these days:

HoMM III + IV Complete (Double Pack) : 2 DVD’s, each with the game and its two expansions, all for 7.94€. For those who prefer a hard copy on their shelf (like me) :slight_smile: I bought this release a couple of years ago and it’s currently the H3 version installed in my PC, used as base for WoG & VCMI, and never had problems with it.

King’s Bounty: Platinum Edition - The Legend + the 2 expansions that followed + bonus campaign editor. All for 5.99€.