Grove MOD-fixed

I found the error on beta version.It is a wrong format on spiderqueen.json because of carelessness.So I fixed it and change some battle def.
By the way, how can I use the Chinese Fonts

gz for international support :wink:

But I think the Chinese Font Mod has some problem.The numbers and English words should be smaller (1-byte)

And forge-fixed :open_mouth:
[]( download this to fix bug: )

There is no spiderqueen.json in preserve mod? :open_mouth: That’s very confusing…

Did you fix the forge? Great! :wink:

Grove (English version)

Hopefully no one gets mad at me for doing this without permission but after a lot of trial and error i got grove working on the 0.96. I just finished a map with the faction and had no issues.

Here is a link to my drop box, if you guys want me to take it down i will, but i figured i’d share it since i personally like the faction hehe.

Sorry for revival old topic, but I’ve also noticed frequently crashes (me and AI turn) during battle with Spider Princess/Spider Queens. I’ve looked into json and I saw code:

			"spellPoison" :
				"type" : "SPELL_AFTER_ATTACK",
				"subtype" : "spell.poison", 
				"val" : 50,
				"addInfo" : 1001 //advanced, only when shooting

But… according to wiki: SPELL_AFTER_ATTACK has diffirent format! So how to code correctly spider queens and give them 50% chance to cast poison after ranged attack?

My Grove Mod version is for VCMI 0.98

This is what I can see on Wiki:

subtype - spell id
value - chance %
additional info % 1000 - level
additional info / 1000 -> [0 - all attacks, 1 - shot only, 2 - melee only]

How is that different?

If you encounter a crash bug, please fill a bug report (easy to reproduce).

I’ve messed abilities, sorry. Look at another:

"castsDispelHelpful" :
				"type" : "ENCHANTER",
				"subtype" : "spell.dispelHelpful",
				"val" : 50,
				"addInfo" : 1001 //advanced, only when shooting

I thought ‘val’ can be 1 (no skill level) or 1 (basic) or 2 or 3 (expert spell)
And what about “addInfo”? In for examples Cove creatures “addInfo” is 0 not 1000 or 1 not 1001…

Ah yes, THIS might be buggy.

for Enchanter spells
val - skill level
subtype - spell id
additionalInfo - cooldown (number of turns)

Max skill level is of course 3. Cooldown should also be lower han 1001 turns :wink: