[Graphical]Sand Tower

I present mod by totkotoriy who I switched from Era to VCMI. Mod removes snow from the Tower.


Download v.1.1

PS: I apologize for possible mistakes in connection with my English.

Looks cool :slight_smile:

Some suggestions:

  • in mod.json, field “contact” - should contain URL of this thread
  • mod.json, “depends” : “vcmi” ] does not seems necessary. You need this only when replacing files added by vcmi.
  • you may want to change native terrain of Tower to sand. (although in this case mod won’t be graphical-only) Can be done with such code:
"core:tower" :
    "nativeTerrain" : "sand"

Save this file as /Content/config/sandTower.json
And in mod.json add this:

"factions" :


Looks like rocks, not sand. I’ve made desert version of background, so only blacksmith animation and town hall icons are to change. I’ll edit post and upload that thing ASAP, because I’m currently using phone.

[can’t log, so I’m posting as guest]

Here it is - img189.imageshack.us/img189/7693/yotc.png

Well, this isn’t world’s best recolor. :stuck_out_tongue:

It would be cool to one day have graphics for every town on all terrains like snow castle which already exists and to integrate it into vcmi. Oh well… :slight_smile:

THe only question is who will draw other terrains and rework buildings DEFs to be free of one season attributes:-)

Mod for townscreen background depending on terrain [like heroes IV] would be great.

This was already mentioned in this thread:

I would really love if we could have such a thing, if anyone finds more castle screens like that, please tell me!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

BTW, this mod actually modifies tower so that its native terrain is sand?

Randjan, yes but in next version.

Thanks Ivan.

I will expand this mod for example, with new upgrade of Golems to Gold Golems.

Do you plan to make icons for this desert recolor in near future?

Here are my quick icons for it.
town-hall-desert.def.zip (283 KB)

It would be interesting to see inferno with snow. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like this mod. It reminds me of H2 wizard, because they weren’t in the snow. So that means the next version of the mod won’t be just graphical, but more than that?

An interesting idea. The succession wars mod has a wizard hero who has a specialty to upgrade golems to gold golems.

Of course! Toying with Gimp is great activity for no-internet sunday, isn’t it? :wink:
However, this mod’s icons are a bit screwed up, because they also show other buildings that fit in cadre.

But it’s better than icons of Sand Tower itself - they not some but all are showing other buildings:-) So I wrote “quick”:slight_smile:
So in line is the Grass Tower (green) :mrgreen:

Here is new version of Mod.
Download v.1.1
There is red Gremlins and second upgrade of golems but this not working at present. When you know why, tell my please :).

Macron1, for your background we need to do all animations of buildings from the beginning.

Change identifiers for your building/structures from 44 to 46.
Identifiers for 2nd upgrade should be (43 + level)

It’s not my background, and only blacksmith must be reworked (but with it it still very good).

Background is mine. :stuck_out_tongue: [if you’re talking about the same background as me]
Actually I have troubles with converting images from 8 bit to 24 bit [or something like that], but I’ll figure that out .

You can use 32-bit images also.
8-bit to 24bit are good converted by IrfanView or Paint.NET

Thanks Ivan again, this work :D.

Pointer from AcidCave posted this:

Don’t know if it exists, or it’s only Photoshoped image