Google play store version

Does anyone know the reason behind why Google Play store won’t update their version?


I guess it’s a matter of Google policy and lots of complicated things for open source projects.

Do you think they will update one day or does it look like never based on how long it’s already been

Google play store updates nothing. It is we who have to spend time to prepare a build and publish it for review. Last time it was done by @Dydzio and I think he spent a week on this. Actually not much changed since that. I have some plans to publish a newer version but not now.

Google play is not a hard requirement. We can download the latest version from android daily build. But I dont know how to download it in ios store

There is no support for VCMI on iOS. @kambala worked on it and managed to run VCMI client and server side by side (two apps at the same time, android has background processes for this). Also in order to publish something to Apple store you need to at least have developer license which is not free.

from a brief discussion with @SXX on the matter of publishing to iOS AppStore he said that all the [past and present] core devs should give their agreement to publish binary to AppStore, which most probably wouldn’t happen.

the best chance on iOS would be using AltStore or manual sideloading.

In general you’re correct, but this is not simply about VCMI devs giving their agreement.

It’s about actually re-licensing whole codebase since iOS AppStore is incompatible with GPL.

Well, appstore doesn’t really care about code license, just as gpl knows nothing about various app stores. As long as we comply with the license requirements (source is available, license text is included in the app), we can distribute. We can also publish the binary, that is submitted to appstore, on github.

Or which gpl requirement(s) would be violated in your opinion?

To be honest I dont see the point get into argument about something that been talked about hundreds of times. You can google for “appstore ios gpl violation” and find all of these discussions.

Short story is that AppStore apply addional restrictions on end-user and GPL doesn’t allow that. Also if you to build VCAI then you using FuzzyLite which efficiently upgrade license to GPLv3 and anti-TiVoization bits kicks-in.

GPL license is complex license and not just a single requirement to provide source code.

1.1 was released to Google play store. So only Android 7+ is supported. Daily builds support 4.4 but I am doubtful it will work.