GOG.com H3C Support

It may be a good idea now to develop and add support for the GOG.com version of H3 Complete for those who didn’t get the original Windows version of H3 Complete or SoD.

Many may decide to buy GOG.com’s version of H3 Complete just because it only costs $10US and it has all the files that the H3:RoE Loki port didn’t, or because they didn’t get all the versions of H3 for Windows back when it was originally released. (I for example didn’t buy SoD and only got it later, but after I bought the first release of H3 Complete.)

Supporting GOG.com’s version may also help to increase the number of players and the number of potential modders. :slight_smile:

[size=75]As far as I know, the main problem with VCMI 0.74 + WOG 3.58f + GOG’s version of H3 Complete is the lack of sound, but there may be other differences. I think it would be useful now to start working on making VCMI more compatible with the GOG.com version of H3 Complete.[/size] :wink:

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I think it would be worthwhile to contact Good Old Games (GOG.com) to try to get their help in making GOG.com’s version of H3 Complete to be completely compatible with VCMI. :slight_smile: Since the original release versions would be hard to buy without buying a full bundle from Ubisoft, I think most of the copies of Heroes 3 bought now would be from GOG.com, especially since it only costs $US10. =) And since we want as many people as possible supporting VCMI and making mods when VCMI is completed… :wink:

What do you think? Do any of the developers have a GOG.com account and have bought some Good Old Games from GOG.com, and would like to contact GOG.com about getting the GOG.com version of H3C completely compatible with VCMI?

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I think it will be hard to find players in Poland with GOG’s version. cause we’ve got polish version of heroes called Gold Edition which cost around 20 PLN, so it is even cheaper than 10$.

I think it would be difficult in general to find users (not only devs) from anywhere in Europe with a GOG subscription. I don’t know about Australia, but here you can easily find the Heroes 3 Complete edition (CD or DVD version) with no more than 5 euro. At least that’s how much I had to pay for it myself here in Belgium. And that’s the price you can find here for almost any movie on DVD, and many older games as well. Same prices (shipping included) are for online purchasing stores like Play.com (I bought over 25 DVDs from them with less than 100 euro over the past year).

So I don’t want to burst your bubble, but 10 bucks is hardly an attractive offer for something I would still have to download (if I understand correctly how GOG works)… and then still have to burn it on a DVD of mine if I need a back-up of it… I wouldn’t consider paying more than 1 buck for a download, if I can buy the DVD (with nice DVD case, cover etc) for 5 bucks.

But we can just hope that in time we’ll devs from other corners of the world joining the project, including those parts where things like GOG are more popular. Maybe we are missing a “market” here, if indeed many gamers use GOG, but then again this project here is not for profit. :wink:

It wouldn’t hurt sending them a mail asking exactly what changes they’ve made to the original data files.

Pre-Script: If I get a bit narky, please understand that it is not directed at you, Zamolxis. But I feel it is important that I am able to release some emotions in a way that is (hopefully) not too threatening.

Well I can say for certain that that is not at all the case here in Australia. It would be lucky if you could get 5 new movies for $AU100, which is approximately $US90. Games are at least $50 (up to $100) and that’s each. I guess we’re a technological backwater, when things like games and movies are at least 5 times the price for exactly the same product. Gee, if I’d known there was that much of a price differential there is no way I would have suggested GOG.

Gee, do you know how much that would cost in Australia (if it was even available)? 30 to 50 bucks. And that’s only if it wasn’t a new release game.

I never said having GOG for VCMI was a “market”, just that the more modders the better.

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(a very jealous) Steven. :imp:

PS: I am not angry at you Zamolxis, just at the situation…

No worries. You didn’t sound angry at all. I guess you chose your words better than mine (which were probably a bit abrupt) :stuck_out_tongue:

I was always jealous on Aussies - that country seems to me like a really awesome place to be. But from what I’m reading above, there’s at least one reason form me not to be so jealous anymore. If those are the prices over there, the movie addict that I am would not have the nice collection of DVDs that I own (or I would go bankrupt buying them). :stuck_out_tongue:

I would like to make comment to this topic. I am from Finland and propably would be able to get disc version of game for decent price. But. If I am able to avoid purchasing physical media and instead use service such as GOG I am more than willing to do so. I might even pay slightly more money to avoid cases and discs.

In GOG’s case only risk is that company goes bust and you can’t redownload install files incase of harddrive crash of your own or something similar. Other than that, you don’t need back

So 1 vote from me to get VCMI to work with GOG provided files.